Veterans Help Center is dedicated to those men and women who have bravely served in the United States Armed Forces, and to those family members who have endured the demands and stressful circumstances that accompany a missing loved one who is absent from the home. This includes significant others, children, parents, and any family member or friend that may have been affected by the deployment.

Veterans Help Center has been serving the Ventura County area since 1988 in many areas of trauma that have resulted from co-occuring disorders related to mental health and substance abuse. All of our counselors are able to provide empathetic counselling because we too are Veteran's or family members of Veteran's that have been or are currently deployed.

Our focus is to provide education about the problems that may arise from the conditions described above, but the goal of Veterans Help Center is to help and heal those most affected from military related traumatic events. We provide process groups that center on the development of coping skills, relaxation techniques and many other methods that will assist the Veteran in helping him or herself. We hope that you choose the Veterans Help Center to help in providing a new start on life with an optimistic positive outlook.

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